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Thursday, December 08, 2016


*RACE FOR AAUASUG:* Interview with an aspirant in *AAUASU* P.K.A *JOHNVICT*πŸŽ₯

*Question : Can We Meet You ?*πŸŽ™
Am Olamibo Oluwadamilola ; mostly and politically known as Johnvict

A student of Computer Science department.

*Question: Which Post Are You Aspiring For?*
I'm an aspirant of SUG 006 (The union Treasury Officer)

*Question: Have You Ever Held a Leadership Post Before?*
Yes. I'm presently the Assistant General Secretary of Nigerian Association of Science Students, (NASS) AAUA Chapter.

*Question: What Do You Have In Stock For AAUAITES?*
The beauty of an office is the capability of the office holder in ensuring good commendable, beneficial service to the members who such leader represents . I am not only willing, but strongly ready to improve every AAUITE from the office of the 006. As a Treasury officer, if I'm elected, I have the capacity to influence every other office in ensuring the provision of our welfare need that relates to finance

The students union needs someone who will be ever ready to look out to our needs from every office. For instance, we expect academic driving from the office of the vp, sports growth and development from the concerned office....

Being the Treasury officer, likened to the commissioner of finance, I have the vision and aim to look into every office, see what is supposed to be done and influence such office holder to work

As part of the constitution that states one of the duties of the Treasurer, to advice the union in treasury matters, I see myself doing great in that regards, ensuring that the right idea, innovation, encouragement, motivation with driving force is provided.

The office should not be limited to signing of cheques or being the custodian of financial documents alone, but to be as a screen that displays the direction in which we should spend or resources in such a way that every AAUITE will benefit; and not limiting the benefits to the leaders alone, but to distribute our resources among all members of the union (leaders and followers) in visible as well as feasible chievements and creations.

I have the plan that we shall not only decide what Nigerian Students need, but also to ask. We have good things, but we have better things. My interest is spending on the cogent needs of our students.

At some points in time, I wonder why we cannot have other sources of income for the union, other than our individual union level attached to our school fees. We can become producers, so as to generate, not only spending so that our productivity and entrepreneurship drive will set us free from limitations, hence enabling us to do greater things to settling the needs of AAUITES. AAUA produce sachet water, can't we produce bread, tagged "AAUA STUDENTS' BREAD"? We can as well produce fruit juice, snacks and other stuffs that we can think of, which its sales will grow in our university environment.

In addition, our environmental challenges can as well become a means of wealth creation for us, which the returns from this will enable us to pay more attention to bigger projects.

I see our union doing them, but the possibility lies in the palms of AAUITES, by not only electing me, but also electing others who are of greater mindsets.. People who are aspiring-serving-leaders, selfless individuals, concerned and innovative comrades..

...That's when we can get better.

Think better, think Johnvict
...a maa get better!

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