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Saturday, December 03, 2016

JOIN THE SURVEY: Do you support Robert Clarke’s call for military intervention in Nigeria?

support Robert Clarke’s call for
military intervention in Nigeria?

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Mr Robert
Clarke recently made a call for the military to
intervene in Nigeria’s political space.
Read also : Nigeria is in ruins, let the military
intervene- Robert Clarke (SAN)
According to him, the country is in ruins and the
military needs to take over political power for a
maximum of two years to set things right.
Do you support such a call? Join the survey by
Voting Below.
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passionate about Nigerian politics,
business and its leaders. We dig
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⚑ − Animashaun Ayodeji
a day ago
This is why human beings cannot be predicted.
YES is leading because majority of the people are
angry with today's government, forgetting the
brutalities that occurred during the past military
rule. We need to think deeply and not allow our
present frustrations destroy the future of this
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⚑ − Margret Dickson
a day ago
Despite all Nigeria has gone through in the hands
of the military in the past, calling for military rule
again? This man must be a comedian in disguise.
Reply ▽
⚑ − Johnson Amadi
a day ago
Clarke must be very silly! He knows he has few
years more to live, if the military eventually
answers his call, he’d probably not be here to
witness their actions.
Reply ▽
⚑ − Amarachi Okoye...
18 hours ago
> Johnso ...
Clarke is really silly. If is death is coming fast
that does not make him speak so silly
Reply ▽
⚑ − Roland Uchendu Pele
a day ago
If the corruption during the military rule is better
than what we have at the moment, then, Clarke's
opinion is way to go!
Reply ▽
⚑ − seyi jelili
a day ago
Clarke could be right saying such.
two years to re-fix Nigeria is not bad at all. I
Reply ▽
⚑ − Emmanuel Alayegbami ...
a day ago
> ...
Well, it is a good advice but we should know
that the taste of power intoxicates .if the
military tries toppling the democratic
government again, it may take a decade before
they will finally handover to a democratic
government again which might cause us more
havoc than good. so, no one should imagine
military taking over government but to pray and
vote for good leaders.
Reply ▽
a day ago
> E...
and who are the good leaders? the bad
politicians can never allow good leaders to
emerge. so the best thing is to allow the
military takes over. though they are corrupt
too but they are far better than the useless
democracy because military tends to find
solutions to economic crisis due to their
unified structure.
Reply ▽
⚑ − Nonso Ezeugo...
17 hours ago
> JOHN...
We don't want military as the president
because they will cause war in this country
instead we prefer the democracy
government than the military government
Reply ▽
⚑ − Godwill Osarobo
a day ago
Think deeply about the rotten democracy of the
present, the nauseating Judiciary, inability to jail
the gangsters, demonic possession of a docile
people in whom the man died long ago, you will
support Barrister Clarke SAN and advocate a
military cleansing, even with its imperfections.
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Do you support Robert Clarke's call f
military intervention in Nigeria?


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