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Friday, December 09, 2016

Old Man Hawking Doughnut On His Head In Akwa Ibom Causes A Stir (Photos)

Nigerians are very enterprising people who always design means to survive in every situation regardless of the hardship as show by the dedication of this man to his petty trade.
A seller of doughnut is currently being celebrated on social media concerning his tenacity and focus on his trade particularly during a period of recession that has prompted Nigerians to be shy about letting money go.
The man’s picture was taken in Akwa Ibom State and shared by a writer and human rights activist/lawyer Inibehe Effiong to applaud the man.
Read his post below:
“I don’t know this man from Adam and I do not care the part of the country that he comes from. I am using this platform to celebrate his devotion to his trade and admirable sense of cleanliness. He sells doughnut around the Uyo metropolis in Akwa Ibom State. Please patronize him anywhere you see him.

At a time that many Nigerians are seeking white collar jobs, the entrepreneurial spirit of this man deserves commendation. He has by his action given credence to the aphorism that there is dignity in labour. Instead of resorting to crime, he has proudly engaged in this business to cater for himself and his family.
Anyone that sees this man should kindly connect him with me. I want to support his business with my widow’s mite. If you wish to join me in contributing financially to his business please indicate the amount (no matter how small) in your comment.
Thank you.”

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