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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

What I saw in heaven… —Prophet who came to life four days after being declared dead

Prophet Shotunde Kayode also known as Oku ojo kerin, is the founder of Uncommon Favour Evangelical Ministry, Ibadan, Oyo State. The cleric, who claimed to have come back to life four days after being declared dead in an auto accident, speaks with OLAIDE SOKOYA
My life before an auto accident 
I was a naughty boy in those days. I later joined the Nigerian Army, so I’m a pensioner of the military. But, I became a nuisance after leaving the army when I joined a political party and functioned as thug in my hometown, Adeokuta, Ogun State. I have worked with so many politicians, who used many of us then the way they would not use their own children. They used me for different odd jobs but thank God that today, I’m in the vineyard of Christ.
 My journey into ministry
received my calling into the ministry from the land of the dead. I knew nothing about Christ as I was a free thinker. My calling was just coincidental. But, I know that what the Lord has ordained will definitely come to pass. I was involved in a vehicle accident alongside 17 other passengers. I lost my life in the accident. So my body was embalmed with the other 17 victims. It was on the third day and my corpse was dumped in the mortuary that some concerned persons used my phone to call my relations. The phone had rang in the crashed vehicle. Immediately they were informed about my death, my relations rushed to the mortuary to verify my corpse. They saw it lying on the ground, among others. A mortuary is not a place for people in a state of coma or seeking treatment. It is a journey without end. And on the fourth day, the Lord asked me to return to the world. It was the day I heard the voice of God: “Go to the world and release the people that are in bondage, you’re the chosen one.” That was the voice I heard. I sneezed and woke up exactly when my people were about to lower me into the grave in the cemetery. Everybody took to their heels, including my younger brother, who is also a soldier in the Nigerian Army, Jide Shotunde. My body was left at the graveside in the cemetery. The wake-keep for me had taken place in Abeokuta, my home town. The candle night had also been conducted, at Sabo, to be precise.
Between the first and the fourth day, what did God reveal to you?
I remember vividly what we did in heaven. The place was so cool but not harmful. There’s nothing like day or night there. It is a free world. The place was as white as snow. We’re not like human beings; like the flesh of the world. We are just like waves and there was nothing like male or female in that realm, and people kept coming in, multiplying at every regular interval. We heard the noisy wave which showed that people were leaving the world and coming to the realm. I could remember there was this music like in those days with big musical organs like someone playing acapella without drums. The music was so close to our hearing but some far from view. So, you could view who was playing it. The stars we saw in the sky are not like the ones we normally see in the night that are stationed; they go about like house flies. But they are not harmful.
Did you become a prophet because of that experience?
Yes, because the voice I heard from heaven declared, “Go to the world and deliver people that are in bondage.”  It means God really sent me to carry out some work in the world. Since then, God has been using me to minister to people. I prophesy to people. Whatever the Lord asks me to do come to pass. So, sometimes, I wonder why and how this happened; it is beyond my explanation and comprehension. Since then, I have gone deeper in Christ. I did not go through a pastor or a church, or have a master who trained me. No, I got my own calling from the land of the dead, in the mortuary, to be exact and since then, the wonders have never ceased in my life.
My view about the world of Christians

 I think we have lost love, which Christ symbolises. There is no love again among Christians; in the neighborhood, among brothers, brethren, including pastors and church members. Even though we’ll continue preaching the word of God.  But most Christians no longer preach salvation. What they are after is affluence, which cannot take us anywhere.  So, concerning Christianity, we’ve lost love. The Lord Almighty is far away from Africa.
Life after a sojourn in the world beyond

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